We should we start talking about free software that allows immediate video mapping.

I would like to introduce FLxER as an example of Free Software that has on its last release a Mapping option.


FLxER was born in 2001 as a practical answer to the necessity of mixing the expressive arts of a digital creatives’ collective.

Today it is a free software for mixing vector graphics, audio, video, text and interactive media all together.

It was born in 2001 from the idea of using a computer in order to realise a live video performance, similarly to what was already happening in the electronic music production/performance. Since none of the expensive consumer video software available in the market did allow to perform in real time, the solution was to independently design and develop an application able to solve this problem.


FLxER is free.

To download the “StandAlone” version you need only a quick subscription, then you can use it to log in the FLxER Abusers Community where you can download and uplod your movies and also interact with the over 14.000 ab-users.

The stable version available, the FLxER 5.1 alpha, is only 85kb and is available for Windows, MACLinux, iPhone and iPad, for other devices you can use the Linux version if you have the Flash player 10.